What Are Branded Buyer Portals

Delta eSourcing offers a flexible solution to augment and grow your supplier community. The core Delta service provides a ready-made supplier community built up by 500 buying organisations actively running all values of tenders. You can further tap into this community by having your own branded buyer portal ‘front door’ to which you can publish your contract opportunities.

A Buyer Portal is a simple set of online pages containing all your organisation’s procurement-related information. This is linked directly with the Delta eNotice service, allowing you to publish all your contract opportunities in real time, providing instant visibility to your suppliers. Compliant with the EU Directives, using a Buyer Portal allows you to benefit from time reductions in the OJEU response process.

Who Are Branded Portals For?

Your procurement team works hard to promote your brand and improve visibility of tender opportunities. You need a bespoke platform to increase transparency of these opportunities, without making the experience of the supplier base more complex. And you want it to be personal, to allow you to engage further and advertise your brand values more prominently. And now you can.

Buyer &
Community Portals

Building on the successful Delta eSourcing solution, buyers can opt to have their own branded buyer portal that can either be connected to the Delta eSourcing service via a branded ‘front door’, allowing you instant access to the 95,000-strong supplier community, or built as a complete stand-alone eSourcing solution to allow your organisation to build its own dedicated community.

You are then free to utilise the range of modules available to tailor Delta to your organisation’s requirements.

Buyer Portals

Collaborative Buyer Portals: Multiple Members
 – One Portal

Whether your organisation is working alone or is part of a larger procurement consortium or regional group, a Buyer Portal provides a branded gateway to consortium procurement information.

Buyers can: come together, publish their organisation’s contract notices, run individual or collaborative tender exercises, make them visible through a notice board, and provide a dedicated email alert service to their supplier base.

Suppliers can become part of these regional or sector-specific procurement portals and gain visibility of all contract opportunities. These can be made public through a notice board and a dedicated email alert service can be created for your supplier base.

Case Studies


“The Supply4NWFire portal and the underlying solution, Delta eSourcing, are now embedded into our procurement processes. We are engaging better with the marketplace, building our supplier community and receiving better responses to our low-value requirements.”