Buyer Solutions

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Delta Buyer Solutions - At a Glance

Delta eSourcing is committed to helping public sector organisations make efficiency savings to improve their procurement processes. The solution offers you the flexibility to create a bespoke procurement package for your organisation. You can choose from a range of services including:


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Tender Manager

An easy-to-use, secure EU-compliant tender management tool covering all stages of the tendering process from notice creation to award of contract, including EOIs, RFIs, SQs, secure exchange of ITT documents and evaluation.

Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Manager

Delta’s Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Manager module allows buyers to procure goods, works or services commonly available on the market quickly and efficiently from a refreshable pool of suppliers.

Quick Calls

Quick Call is an addition to the web-based, modular Delta eSourcing service and provides additional functionality within the Contract Manager module.

Supplier Manager (SRM)

Access a ready-made supplier community to engage, identify, assess and qualify suppliers through online supply chain management activities.

Contract Manager

Contract Register – A central repository to manage and monitor performance, key activities, reporting of contracts, the call-off from framework agreements and spend analysis.

Workspace / Project Manager

Bring all of your projects and collaborations together and easily manage your collaborative procurement.


A reverse auction tool compliant with EU Regulations which can be used as a stand-alone service or as an extension of your tender exercise.

Branded Portals

Your organisation’s branded EU-compliant buyer profile promoting your procurement-related information with automated publication of all contract notices and awards. Allowing a bespoke alert system set up for your supplier base.

Customised Solutions & Integrations

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